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Getting more out of your information.

How TIKS works

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Your data is captured on a centralised server, which means all content is current and easily accessible
Validate & retrieve documents is seconds
Sign in and track visitors at your site
Look up real time KPI reports and more instantly
See your location and find resources and facilities
Improve machine and vehicle safety onsite
Find the safest chemical for the task at hand
Report on hazards to help reduce safety issues
Update staff and visitors with important information

Compliancy is now at your fingertips.

TIKS will ensure your site is compliant with the latest in safety workplace software. Provide your worksite with access to all necessary safety documentation and key company information instantly and efficiently whilst improving productivity and addressing regulatory and compliancy needs.

  • View the latest approved documents

  • Scan and validate documents in one touch

  • Information is always up to date

  • Built-in support for multiple platforms (EMC Documentum, Lotus Notes, Open Text, Hummingbird, Sharepoint and more)

Efficiency in the palm of your hands.

Introduce efficiency instantly.

Provide your organisation with a cost effective solution that will increase efficiency and improve productivity, safely. Allow your business to continue performing it’s scheduled daily tasks with ease as TIKS is an end-to-end WHS solution which provides end users with correct information in an efficient manner. Create an environment where your employees can perform their job not only in the most efficient way, but in the safest manner possible.

  • Easy to use Multi touch devices

  • Retrieve documents in a flash

  • Information is always up to date

  • Validate documents in one touch

Simplicity is now one touch away.

Simplicity is the key.

Allow your organisation to simply retrieve any crucial information as they continue their daily tasks with peace of mind. TIKS helps organisations centralise complex data and information with its User Friendly WHS solution. TIKS provides a combination of intuitive hardware and software that allows businesses to deliver information to their employees with ease.

  • Easy to use multi touch devices

  • Intuitive user experience and interface

  • Take the information wherever you go

  • Anyone can use it


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