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Australia only ranks seventh globally for lowest workplace fatalities

The Australian mining industry is currently facing some interesting challenges. Cost inflation is getting higher. Changes to fiscal and government policy have been occurring for years, but their volume, unpredictability and associated costs are on the rise. Commodity price volatility is greater than ever, while issues around sustainability, the environment and human rights have escalated into more frequent episodes of community activism and social unrest...

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Born through a passion to keep employees safe without the distraction of onerous paperwork, Chocolate Coded developed TIKS to avoid the excessive cost of many enterprise systems and isolated point solutions. TIKS was created and solves these fundamental business issues.

We service a wide range of blue chip and emerging local and multinational businesses who have grown tired of battling red tape and want to focus on doing business in a collaborative, productive and safe manner. These leading businesses have all chosen TIKS with its proven and seamless desktop and mobility solutions that never let them down – the business case speaks for itself - an outstanding return on your investment.

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